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Planning Pizza Catering for an Office Party

If you're planning an office party in Washington, DC, pizza catering is a fantastic option. Pizza is a crowd-pleaser that everyone can enjoy, and We, the Pizza Express of U Street, Washington DC offers a wide variety of options, including vegan and vegetarian pizzas and gourmet pizzas. Here are some tips for planning pizza catering for your next office party with We, the Pizza Express.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

When planning an office party pizza catering, it's important to consider dietary restrictions to accommodate all of your employees and/or co-workers. The best DC pizza caterers offer options for guests with dietary restrictions, such as vegan and vegetarian pizzas and healthier or gluten-free crust options. 

Customizable pizzas can also be a great option for accommodating different dietary restrictions. By offering a variety of options, you can ensure that all guests feel included and comfortable at the party. It's always a good idea to communicate with your guests ahead of time about the pizza options available and any dietary restrictions you're accommodating. With careful consideration, you can plan a pizza catering that is delicious and inclusive for all.

Stay Within Budget

When planning pizza catering for an office party, it's important to consider your budget. While pizza is generally an affordable option, prices can vary depending on the corporate caterer and the type of pizza you choose. It's important to get a quote beforehand and to communicate your budget constraints with them. Some pizza caterers may be able to offer discounts for large orders or for repeat business.

Offer Gourmet Pizzas

While classic cheese and pepperoni pizzas are always crowd-pleasers, offering gourmet pizzas can take your office party to the next level. Consider some unusual options that will make your office party fun and memorable. We, the Pizza Express offers several gourmet pizza options to choose from, such as:

  • Forest Shroomin': This pizza features wild forest mushrooms, truffles, mozzerella, fresh thyme, béchamel, and parmesan for a delicious and gourmet vegetarian pizza.
  • Buffalo Chicken: This spicy pie features boneless chicken wings, creamy blue cheese, mozzerella, and Jose's hot sauce. 
  • Honey Ham & Pineapple: This fun twist on a classic features ginger-infused pineapple, Virginia honey ham, mozzerella, and a hint of tomato sauce.

Plan for Logistics

When planning your pizza catering, it's important to think about logistics. Here are some things to consider:

  • Delivery and setup: Make sure you coordinate with your DC corporate caterer for delivery and setup. You want to make sure the pizzas arrive on time and are set up in a convenient location for guests to access.
  • Serving utensils: Make sure you have enough serving utensils for guests to serve themselves.
  • Plates and napkins: Plan to have enough plates and napkins for guests to use, as well as some extras.
  • Drinks: Don't forget to provide drinks to accompany the pizza. We, the Pizza Express offers several drink options, including soda and iced tea.

Plan Cleanup

Cleanup is another important consideration when planning pizza catering for an office party. You want to make sure that the area is clean and tidy after the party is over. Make sure to have garbage bags and recycling bins available, and communicate to your guests where they should dispose of their plates and napkins. If your caterer doesn't offer cleanup services, consider hiring a cleaning crew to come in after the party is over.

Trust We, The Pizza Express for All Your DC Office Party Catering Needs

When planning your pizza catering, it's important to choose the right pizza place. We, the Pizza Express of U Street, Washington, DC, is an excellent choice for your office party catering needs. Here are some reasons why:

  • Wide variety of pizzas: We, the Pizza Express offers a wide variety of pizzas, including vegan and vegetarian options. 
  • Experience catering DC events: We, the Pizza Express has experience catering events of all sizes and can handle the logistics of delivering and setting up the pizzas, making it easier for you to focus on your party running smoothly.
  • Local favorite: We, the Pizza Express offers the best pizza in Washington, DC and is known for delicious pizzas and excellent service. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our reviews on Google.

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We, The Pizza Express is the best choice for your next office party or corporate event. With our convenient delivery options, customizable pizzas, large order and group discounts, and effortless ordering process, we're confident that we can help you throw a memorable and delicious party. Contact us today and let us help you plan the perfect office party! Order online for the best DC corporate catering services today!